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Bloxcave is a ROBLOX training group created and ran by Sockcave96 from 2016 to the latter half of 2018. As of December 2018, it is run by o3cw/pheonixlord98. The group originally served as a "hangout" group for Sockcave and his close friends, as well as an outlet to sell shirts/pants to develop and maintain a sustainable robux supply. It eventually expanded into a group that welcomed game development, collaboration and training, following Sock's habits of playing Crossroads and garnering attention through his slightly above average brickbattling skills, to which he would insist they "Join Bloxcave" if they wanted him to "teach" them to get "better", so he could accumulate members quickly. From that day on, it actually became a training group that taught many different modes of ROBLOX gameplay and fighting styles. Some of the more notable ones are brickbattling and FPS, with new ones like swordfighting and RCL entering the mix,


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